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Nine Years Sober sobriety coin

Nine Years Sober sobriety coin

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“The movie starts when they get sober and put their life back together again; it doesn't end there.” - Bucky Sinister

This coin turned out so good! The beautiful, colorful sunrise on the water is something I'd been wanting to do for awhile now, and I was so happy it ended up working as well as it did. I can't wait to get to Nine Years, for myself first of all of course, but then secondarily so I can gift myself this coin!

I also love the qoute on the back from Bucky Sinister. Bucky is a poet, a comedian, and self help author and I really appreciate his ability to put a smart perspective on issues around addiction and sobriety.

I'll end on another great quote from him:

”Addicts have incredible energy, it's just all directed toward one goal. But what incredible luck and grace addicts have. You hear about it all the time, getting into some kind of crazy situation in order to get drugs or to get money for drugs, pulling off something where they fall from a building and land on a truck full of pillows. It's incredible will, and if you learn to focus that will on getting better instead of getting worse it's amazing what you can do with that. You can use that strength and resourcefulness for something real instead of scoring dope in a desert.“

Note: Coin is 1.5 inches around.
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